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Cameron And Associates, Inc.

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Welcome to Cameron And Associates, Inc.

 Company History
Cameron and Associates, Inc., founded in 1986 by William O. Cameron, is a vehicle to help troubled employees in the workplace. CAI's initial product was an Employee Assistance Program, which makes it possible for companies to offer their employees and eligible dependents free and confidential short-term counseling services for any personal and/or workplace problems. This service provides a resource for employees and family members to resolve problems, so they can be more effective, productive, and have peace of mind.

In 1992, Cameron and Associates developed a Managed Behavioral Health Care program as an additional resource to help companies manage and reduce the costs of personal problems for their employees. The program is specifically designed to help companies manage the cost of health care benefits while offering employees and dependents superior quality of service and care for mental health and substance abuse problems. CAI administers a national network of dedicated professionals who address problems during developing and preventive stages.

Training and educating employees and managers in how to use the Employee Assistance Program and the Managed Behavioral Health Care Program is an important part of our service. Our Education and Training Department facilitates seminars and provides personal consultation to our client companies on a wide range of workplace and personal topics. Also, as the needs of our client companies change and develop, we continue to expand and offer programs that meet these challenges and needs.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to assist troubled employees and their dependents with resolving personal problems to improve job performance, and to promote a safe working environment for all employees.

Our philosophy is to provide superior and cost effective employee assistance services to all companies for healthier, happier, and more productive employees.

Scope of Services



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