Provider Relations

Dear Prospective Provider,

We wish to thank you for taking an interest in becoming an affiliate provider for Cameron and Associate's, Inc. (CAI). As a nationwide provider of Employee Assistance and Managed Behavioral Health Care services, our Provider Relations Department is always recruiting highly skilled mental health and substance abuse treatment professionals for our network.

CAI welcomes all qualified applicants who meet credentialing guidelines to join our team. It is the goal of the CAI Provider Relations Department to help ensure that all of CAI's clients receive the highest level of care. You, the Provider, play an essential role in this process!

Please download the appropriate forms below and review our guidelines. Do not hesitate to contact a Provider Relations Representative with any questions.

Provider Relations Representative
(800) 334-6014 

Individual and/or Group Provider Application

This application allows you to serve as a network affiliate.  Please remember to submit all of the requested supporting information/documentation.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact CAI's Provider Relations Department.  We look forward to a successful working relationship.

Click one of the PDF icons below to download/print the appropriate CAI Affiliate Provider Application:

Additional Forms

Click each of the PDF icons below to download/print the additional required forms:

All providers are required to complete CAI clinical forms and submit them to the claims department within 90 days from the date of service for processing.

Please note: In order to be reimbursed for rendered services prior- authorization is required of all network affiliates.

In order for EAP claims to be processed  the following form must be completed and submitted to CAI.

In order for PPO claims to be processed and/or to request additional sessions the following form must be completed and submitted to CAI.

Upon initial assessment the member should be given CAI's Notice of Privacy Policies Brochure and the Satisfaction Survey.

* Claims must be submitted on a HCFA 1500 claim form.
* Please contact our Managed Care department with questions or concerns at, 800-334-6014.